Help Megy Fight Her Battle

Win a THERMOMIX TM6 and help Megy and her family

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in November 2019. I was told inoperable and chemotherapy for life. After 17 rounds of chemotherapy, I sought out a 2nd opinion and found a surgeon in Sydney willing to take me on. August 2020 we left the Gold Coast with no return date. Due to covid we couldn’t take our little girl. I had a surgery called a peritonectomy. It’s also called the MOAS “Mother of all surgeries”. I had half my bowel removed as well as 75% of my liver, my gallbladder, appendix and stomach lining. I had multiple complications in recovery including c-diff infection, a collapsed lung and code blue where I wouldn’t wake. I was re-admitted three times with complications and was diagnosed with PTSD. 8 weeks later we were discharged on our way home only to be denied at the border, we had to quarantine at our own costs due to my health. We arrived home Oct 31st.

In November my scan looked clear! Besides two little lung nodules my oncologist thought was just damage from surgery. Feb 2nd, we got the heart-breaking news that those nodules had grown in size and had become active. They also suspect cysts on both my ovaries to now be cancer also. We are unsure of treatment yet, so are very sad.

Our Sydney surgery trip was only made possible by our last thermomix raffle by Sandy from Sandy-ThermoEats and GoFundMe account. Both my husband and I are not working atm and have a little 4 year old. We would adore any help for future treatment and travel expenses. It really gives me the best chance to see my little girl grow up and be there for my family.