Helping Hand Jodie Raffle


If you don’t already know Jodie, here’s a little about her.

She is a single parent to 3 beautiful teenage boys who are her world. She works 3-4 jobs to support them.

Jodie is one of those people that just keeps giving whether it’s her time with volunteering, helping out friends, community groups or raising money for charity. Jodie is always here offering nothing but kindness and love no matter what is going on in her own life. Well now is the time that she needs some help. Two weeks ago Jodie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment involves surgery and chemotherapy. This also means she won’t be able to work and being a casual worker mans she doesn’t get sick pay. This will add a massive strain, and financial concerns are something she absolutely doesn’t need while focusing on her recovery, and on her boys. Every cent will help to ease one part of this challenge ahead so if you are able to spare the price of a coffee, please donate.

Jodie was very clear she didn’t want this done because she is always thinking about everyone else, but we know so many people will want to help her so decided to lovingly ignore her wishes this time!

$25 per ticket, 250 tickets available. Drawn June 30th or earlier if all sold out