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How It Works

SILENT BIDS: Fundraising Made Easy

Finally there is a web site that clubs and organisations both small and large can use to raise desperately needed funds
by using the latest technology and website design.

SILENT BIDS creates a website for your club or organisation to raise funds.

SILENT BIDS enables clubs and organisations to fund raise 12 months of the year with minimal effort and cost.
SILENT BIDS encompasses Social Media such as Facebook,Twitter and Email to promote the Fundraising Site.

The features of SILENT BIDS allows clubs and organisations to conduct raffles, sell raffle tickets and run silent
auctions on single or multiple items to their members, supporters and sponsors. SILENT BIDS also can receive donations.

SILENT BIDS is a really simple site to use both for members and the administrator of the site. The administrator has
total control of the site and a simple step by step guide enables the site to be up and working in no time.
The staff at SILENT BIDS are available to assist with the set up if necessary.

Changes can be made to the site continually with any number of activities available to be run over the year for instance
any number of raffles or silent auctions can be run. Silent auctions could be changed fortnightly to create huge interest.
Silent Auctions can be run with donated items or working with businesses who supply goods to you until sold.

SILENT BIDS can assist you with a Sports Memorabilia Company if you were considering running a Sports Memorabilia Auction.

SILENT BIDS have a number of packages available from monthly to yearly.
The cost of a yearly package is $200.

Please contact SILENT BIDS for a quote for your needs.

Silent Bids: Ph: (03) 9009 3058 or Email: info@silentbids.com.au

We recommend CharityDOs.com.au to promote your fundraising events