How it Works

Online Auctions

This feature allows the administrator to set up an online auction with regard to the duration of the auction, reserve prices and the number of pieces to be auctioned.

It is simple to set up and very exciting to watch as members outbid each other. Anything and everything can be auctioned. There is no restriction on the number of items. Where goods have been donated every bid is profit for the organisation.

At the end of the auction the winning bidder physically pays for the goods which eliminates trying to collect monies.


This feature allows supporters to make a donation towards the cause on line.

Payment is required when the donation is made eliminating the collection at a later date.

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets can be purchased on line prior to the event. This features allows non attendees to the function an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets.

The prizes can be visually displayed. Payment is required when the tickets are purchased eliminating the collection at a later date.

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